VIDEO: Joey B not in a rush to drop an album hints that Ghanaians sleep on them

2019 seems to be the year of album releases but Joey B is not in the mood to drop any as he believes Ghanaians don’t appreciate EPs and albums enough. Speaking to Ameyaw TV’s JQ at the album listening of Trigmatic’s ‘THE EIGHTH ELEMENT’, Joey B revealed that he is focused on dropping singles because the Ghanaian audience doesn’t appreciate EPs and albums.

Answering to when his fans should expect an EP or album, he said: “Which EP? I won’t release any EP. You Ghanaians if anybody drops album then you will be sleeping on it so I won’t drop anything. I will drop singles because that’s what you people are used to.” 

“Every album that has been dropped in the last 2/3 years no matter who the artist is whether big or not, they’ll just listen to it for like 2/3 days and that is it,” he added.

Joey called on his fellow musicians to support and stop hating on each others’ success and also appealed to music lovers to appreciate the projects Ghanaian artists release.

The last time Joey B released a body of work was in 2017, the nine-track EP was dubbed “DARRYL”.


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