On the issue of the President’s Public drunkenness, Should the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff still be at post?

Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes….

Last night i chanced on a viral video on social media of our President Nana Akufo Addo who is far away in the US and Cuba on a supposed official trip which we know the only two significant things he would be doing is to give speeches in Havard and Havana University.

From a Diplomatic Point of view, this Public lectures were arranged to “clean up” the President’s seriously battered International reputation after the Ayawaso incident and Manasseh Azure’s expose.
(Don’t ask me how i knew this, the President knows a lot about this as a former Foreign Affairs Minister)

It’s not bad for the President to attempt to improve on his International reputation but i tell you what, that mission has been far from achieved following that 19 seconds viral video of our President looking “drunk” and confirming same on Camera.

Please don’t ask how i knew he was drunk cos i have never seen a fruit juice cause a man’s eye to be halfway closed in Public.

But that is not the matter under contention here, the President is human just like all of us, he has his private life as well and as an adult he is at liberty to indulge in anything as long as it is legal.

The fundamental issue which arises from this short video of our Commander in Chief openly intoxicated is that it is very defamatory to the high office of the Presidency and i beg to say that the President himself through this singular act of allowing himself to be captured on video with almost half of his reflexes gone ridicules the high office he occupies and i dare say that President himself has brought the Presidency into disrepute!

But certainly other critical questions that we need to be asking is….
Where was his Chief of Staff and her two Deputies???
(As for the Executive Secretary to the President i won’t even ask because i am sure he was probably worse off than the President)

How on earth did they fail to protect the President from this public ridicule, how did someone end up recording the President in this state of visible intoxication???

The handlers of the President certainly let him down but most importantly they have led the whole Country down.

For what it’s worth, keeping the two Deputy Chiefs of Staff at post would certainly be a bad idea unless they were not on the trip with the President.

If they were not there, whose responsibility was it to manage the President?
How on earth did they allow the President to over indulge when he was not totally out of public scrutiny in the comfort of his hotel room?

But with the age of the President and it’s prevailing pressure it puts on the Public purse as far as medical care is concerned, should the President indulge this much?
If he is not taking the Presidency seriously atleast shouldn’t he be taking his health seriously?
Because once he is in office, his health is a burden to the State and as such an increasing medical bill of the President would certainly be a prevailing opportunity cost for other important State ventures.

This is embarrassing to say the very least and someone must answer for this.

Me i have said my own, feel free to give me a feedback.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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