Your perpetual crave to be relevant in Ghana using the media so that His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will notice you and give you appointment and contracts will not pay because you cannot even convince a fly to vote for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Your continuous hallucination that you are at the corridors of power stupefies you each time into believing that your wish could be done.

How long have you been here anyway that you don’t know that Ghana started a democracy after tasting the bitterness of military coups and that even immediately after we became democratic in the fourth republic Ghanaians freely still criticised the President Mr. Jerry John Rawlings’ then current and past regimes without being forced like you so wish to do Nana Addo or his government?
How can you so soon forget what Multimedia and Citi FM have done for the NPP and Nana Addo?

And question their credibility? If Multimedia and Citi FM cannot be of help to the NPP then I doubt how Fadi Daboussi can in his helpless state.
You rant and whine all the time because you cannot be what you wish and that is natural many people do not get what they wish so sit your dirty ass down and think for yourself for once.
Your allegation in your poor shit entitled “Citi FM and Multimedia bribed huge money? Wow AM Shocked!” does not hold because you failed to prove nor even adduce any reason to the that headline in your piece.
Given that you are guessing; which reasonable person would have guessed right that it is the party in opposition that has enough money to bribe two media giants in Ghana? Instead of you to advise Nana Addo and his government to begin to do things right so that the media will report positively about him, you are here ranting your mouth baselessly.
When I read your disjointed piece I felt like throwing up. Aaah at you age you’ve got to normally think about your actions and inactions and that you have to begin to take such actions that will at least convince a few members of the society than making them insult and despise you. Your kind of stupid politics is no longer funny man.
If there is anybody who misinforms and misleads it is you that misinform the Ghanaian populace with your jaundice journalism to the extent that I sometimes wonder if you sat in a class room to learn the rudiments of journalism, journalism should be based on facts and not lies, malice and filthy thinking like your filthy brain that you need Zoomlion to clear for you so you can think uprightly.
For me, Multimedia and Citi FM remain some of the most credible and objective media houses in Africa you can say whatever you want about them but we (friends of the media) do not think so.
You ought to clear the mess in your filthy head so you can think straight, please call Zoomlion to clear your mess, it is getting out of hand and keep wishing that NPP is doing things right.

By Ayawu Bangremina

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